About CI

Based on NexG's security technology, we are expressing our confidence as a network expert group that leads digital innovation with technology-oriented and value-oriented philosophy.

  • 01

    Symbolic image in intuitivelym
    recognizable visual language

  • 02

    A symbolic image
    that reveals confidence in security and public confidence

  • 03

    Look & Feel
    that can reveal trust and stability


The NexG wordmark is a representative symbol that is the core of all visual communications expressing the CI image internally and externally. The wordmark is the most important element of NexG's identity, so make sure to maintain its shape and color as much as possible. For a consistent image, thorough management is required for use, and there should be no damage to the image of the wordmark through random drawing.

When the basic image delivery is not enough, you can use a mixed type or a conjugation type in the sign.
  • Wordmark English

  • wordmark Korean

  • wordmark mixed type

  • wordmark application type

Color System

In principle, full color should be used for CI, but NexG Burgundy, NexG Red, NexG Orange, Gold, Silver, Black, etc. can be expressed depending on the situation. Since the use of CI color plays an important role in building the image of NexG, the standards for color use presented in this section should be observed. The colors of NexG are divided into main colors and secondary colors, and the continuous use of the same color plays an important role in building the NexG image, so the color usage standards should be observed.

  • NexG

    Main Color

    C0 M100 Y100 K30

  • NexG


    C0 M100 Y100 K10

  • NexG


    C0 M50 Y100 K0

  • NexG


    C0 M10 Y100 K0

  • NexG


    C10 M300 Y100 K0

  • NexG


    C0 M0 Y0 K35

  • NexG


    C0 M0 Y0 K100